Sunday, July 15, 2007

This is me

I guess all along I was never like you
Born in a small town but liked a big view
Smile for the cameras do what you love
And even though it hurts don’t ever give up
Small town girl just wasn’t me
I tried so hard I couldn’t be
I like the lights im not afraid
Smile when you feel like crying always be brave
Its like what I loved I couldn’t do
Im starting to wonder if that was all you
Swimming against the waves all my life
Starting to wonder if I might turn out all right
Swim to a sandy shore
The tide is strong but it’s a new door
Ride the waves and they carry you wrong
Be yourself personality strong and smile
Learn who you are
Smile through your rage
And when the sun comes up
It’s a brand new day
Passions burn inside of you
Lost and don’t know what to do
Afraid that you wont follow your dreams
And end up in the place your meant to be
Take it or leave it
This is me
I am me
I’ll never fail to be

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