Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just Yesterday

It seems like just yesterday
I was a kid going out to play
No thoughts or problems or worries that day
On the grass we gaily lay

No pain or sorrow in our world
Just tea parties no problems curled
It's like as you get older yet
You have a searing constant dept

Of everything you can become
Theyll take it all they all want some
And happiness a distant dream
Painless as the journey first seemed

The road is long a bumpy trail
A terrible wavy sea to sail
You choose the path you want to take
Then give your all to something, make

One thousand pennies in a jar
A single move can make a scar
Your life indented with its pain
Forever its memory shall reign

I close my eyes and wander back
To when we played with balls and bats
And knowone cared about makeup or hair
Remember how we used to dare

With courage lost and pressure deep
Into a hole we seen to seep
Hold your head high cuz people would kill
To see you fall and take a spill

With every storm a rainbow shines
And every cloud silver lines
As hopeless as this life may seem
Forever is a distant gleam

When feeling pushed beyond compare
Perhaps we need to pause in prayer
Remember when things went well
Happiness you cannot sell

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I'll be back to read the rest, but you are reminding me what a talented author you are! xoxoxo mom