Saturday, April 5, 2008

your crying I see you
trying to laugh outside when inside is tears
Your shaking im watching
Trying to smile through all of your fears

Stand tall smile wide
You don’t let them see what’s going on inside
You’ve got nothing on your side
But your fighting to get through this wild ride

Don’t give up never fear
Forget the past the presents here
And you can make excuses and I know they’ll all make sense
But do you want to live your life in past or present tense

The worlds spinning fast around you
You don’t know what to say
But jump in and try something new
there is no other way

Don’t let the past define the now
Don’t worry yourself with how
You can be what you want to be
Make all of your enemies see

The stage is yours if you will take it
I know you want to atleast a little bit
breathe deeply work hard
Its not about your current card

You are who you make yourself be
don’t let anyone tell you different
Make even your haters see
Your are more than they believe

Your best is never good enough
For you know you could do better
And sometimes when you’re trying to clean up a mess
it’ll feel like its getting wetter

Never give up on yourself
Or the whole world will as well
And the secret to success
Is quite easy to tell

Work your hardest and love what you do
You know success depends on you
Never fail to always try
That is how you’ll learn to fly

When you fall down get back up
When your cup is empty fill it up
Demand from yourself more than others do
And then they will see your potential to

If somebody says your going to lose
Be sure to prove them wrong
Here are two paths you choose
For you sing your own song

Embrace the life your leading now
And learn from your mistakes
But don’t let them hold you down
For you get no second takes