Friday, February 29, 2008

This is me

I am a flower that blossoms and wilts
I am a blanket soft and fragile silk
I think of myself different than others do
I take pride in individuality

Just one of the things I do

I see myself in a most critical light
I sometimes think I’m stupid when others say I’m bright
If I don’t try my hardest I hate my very sight

I aim for perfection perfects my guiding light

I don’t let myself sink in with the rest
something inside me makes me work to be best
theirs nothing Ill be happy with doing halfway
Theirs very little I’m afraid to say

My friends are my heroes
I value the kind
I know if I search
a treasure I’ll find

I pressure myself
to do what some say cant be done
But I can be my worst enemy
Once the race is run

Some say I am negative
really I’m not
I just sometimes hate myself
not all that I’ve got

some days I am happy
some days sad to say the least
Some days I eat next to nothing
some days a feast

And if I go off track
I criticize myself more than others could
I aim for perfect
Where others aim for good

That is me if you choose to accept
All though you don’t have to
but be warned this secret wont be kept
I know who I am that you cannot change

So take it or leave it
I don’t really care
But if u need a friend
know the offers still their